FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As we aim to offer continuously improved and updated services, please note that the boats, conditions and prices may change at any time. 
“What is a bareboat?” A bareboat is a yacht without a skipper. Depending on the size of the boat, this usually means that a member of your group must have a license and there must be one more person who is a competent sailor. We will be more than happy to help you choose where to go, what to see and where to shop for food. Boats are equipped with a complete galley so you may decide to do your own cooking aboard. Cups, plates, glasses, and cutlery are provided. 
”When are your services offered?” Generally it’s possible to rent a boat or to take a sailing course year-round though some boats may not be available for weekends in high season, such as July and August. Other times they may not be available due to regattas or maintenance. If you would like more details please contact us. 
”Can you provide a skipper and a hostess?” Yes. If you don’t have a license, prefer not to take responsibility of being the skipper, or may not be familiar with local navigation aids and local customs, we can provide a skipper. A hostess can also be provided if you would like someone to take care of preparing meals and helping with children. You can do as much of the sailing as you like without the responsibility of skippering. You are asked to provide berths and provisions for the skipper and hostess. 
“How many people can the boats accommodate?” This depends on how much privacy you are looking for and on the number of cabins, which generally provide a double berth or in some cases two singles. The salon usually has a dining table which converts to a double berth and a couch that can be used as a single berth. For maximum privacy you might prefer not to have anyone sleep in the salon. 
“Are single accommodations available?” Yes. Cabins generally provide double occupancy (a double berth or two single berths), but if you if you prefer single accommodations, depending on the boat, you may be requested to pay a single supplement fee.
“What should we bring?” In summer, in addition to swimwear, beach towels, suntan lotions, lip balm, sun glasses, caps, running shoes, walking shoes, pajamas, running suits, personal toilet articles and towels, remember that evenings can be cool so bring a windbreaker, sweaters, etc. Off-season, bring extra woolen socks, sweaters, foul weather gear, woolen caps and gloves. Pack everything in soft bags or backpacks as suitcases cannot be easily stored on board and space is limited. Don’t forget to bring any medicines you might need and inform us about them and any allergies you might have. A personal document is required. 
“What time can we board the boat?”If you rent a boat for the weekend, embarkation is generally Friday at 6.00 p.m. and disembarkation Sunday at 18.00. In case you have difficulty boarding at those time due to your flight schedule let us know well in advance. Embarkation on week-long programs is on Saturday at 18.00 and disembarkation Saturday at 9.00 but you are expected to reach the port Friday by 18.00. 
“Who shows us around the boat?” Immediately after embarkation there is check-in, which is part of the rental time, when we inspect the boat and go over its equipment, supplies and general conditions. Check-in is very important for everyone’s comfort and safety: please have everyone listen carefully to all explanations and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. The next step is to go over the boat’s documents, rental contract, payment of deposit and additional services requested. Before sailing off don’t hesitate to ask us for any suggestions regarding places, shows and events to see, where to moor, and restaurants not to miss, etc.! You will be given our phone numbers in case you need to contact us. 
“Where can we buy food and drinks?” Most ports have supermarkets in the vicinity. In case you prefer we can do the shopping for you so you can have provisions delivered to the boat, for a small fee. This way you’ll start enjoying your time on the boat without worrying about shopping. Just fill out the shopping list which we provide and fax it back at least eight days before boarding. You can pay for the food plus the €25 service charge when you board. 
“Can I place a hold, or option, on a boat?” Yes. You can ask for an option, generally valid for 48-72 hours, by sending us the “Info and Booking“ form or by sending us a fax. The option is free and does not constitute a committment but guarantees availability of the boat if you decide to confirm the option. Please specify your preferences: boat, period, number of participants, extras required. 
“How can we book a boat?” Once you have decided to rent the boat, before the option ends, let us know by e-mail, fax or phone and we will send you the rental contract which we ask you to sign and return within 24 hours with proof of payment (copy of bank receipt or check) of the 50% down-payment. The balance is due at least 30 days before boarding. If booking a boat for a date less than 30 days later, then the full rental price needs to be paid when booking.
“If I have other questions or needs how can I contact you?” Feel free to fill out and send us the “Info and Booking“ form. We will try to contact within the next working day. 
INFO & BOOKING: HORIZONS, Largo Brindisi 18, (int.11) 00182 Roma ITALIA; Partita IVA 05598770633; Tel./FAX            (+39) 06 77201534      ; Cell.             347.955.7717      ; info@horizons.ie

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